Protect your teeth with routine dental checkups in Azusa, CA

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Protect your teeth with routine dental checkups in Azusa, CA

Routine Dental Checkups at Gentle Care Dentistry in Azusa CA Area

At Gentle Care Dentistry, we know that not everyone is excited to visit the dentist. But ignoring your oral health can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, which can impact your overall health and well-being. Scheduling routine dental checkups in Azusa, CA, is the most effective way to prevent cavities and gum disease. Dr. Luu is committed to treating dental issues with gentle care and guiding your home oral health with expertise.

Take a proactive approach

In its early stages, gum disease is easy to manage. However, if you let the problem get out of hand, it can lead to irreversible bone and tooth loss, as well as eat away at the structure of your gums. Treating periodontal disease is costly and time-consuming, and it can accelerate aging in your face.

Dr. Luu can help you take an active role in the fight against tooth and gum issues so you can be proud of your smile. The longer you go between visits, the more plaque can build up and harden onto your teeth. This can cause staining, bad breath, and eventually lead to serious infections. Our team can keep your teeth fresh and spot early warning signs of cavities and problem areas that you may miss during your regular home routine.

Mercury Safe Dentistry and Orthodontics

Gentle Care Dentistry uses only mercury-safe, biocompatible materials in all of our cosmetic and general dentistry services. We firmly believe that no amount of mercury is safe for you or your children, and we are more than happy to remove existing dental amalgam (using the safety protocol recommended by the IAMOT) and replace them with safer materials.  

Dr. Luu treats patients of all ages and can guide parents in proper oral hygiene for their children. If your children need orthodontics, there are several treatment options available to help deal with crowded or crooked teeth to realign your bite. Not only will this improve your natural smile, but it can also make your teeth easier to care for, so you are better equipped to fight cavities and gum disease.

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