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Dental restorations made by Dr. Luu and her team are designed for more than the immediate repair of damaged teeth. We understand the impact dental restorations have on the smiles of our patients. We also understand the effects of mercury on the body, and we have chosen to avoid the use of this material in our practice. Patients of Gentle Care Dentistry in Azusa benefit from mercury-free restorations.

composite or tooth colored fillings in the area Azusa, CA

We all smile, laugh, and talk, which means that our teeth are visible to others with whom we interact. The presence of dark spots in the smile is hard to deny, but amalgam fillings remain a common restoration in many dental offices. Dr. Luu, using composite resin dental fillings sets her patients up for success and satisfaction, hiding the fact that there was ever a cavity in the first place.

Composite resin dental fillings offer the benefit of improved aesthetic appeal, made to mimic the color and composition of natural tooth enamel. The similarities between this filling material and natural tooth enamel make composite resin ideal for dental fillings as well as cosmetic dental bonding, which may be used to repair a small chip or crack in a tooth.

Tooth colored fillings are created using a mixture of quartz or glass filler with a resin medium. This mixture offers a beautiful, metal-free option for the repair of cavities that look so natural that no one can tell the difference between the repaired tooth and those around it.

Actual Patient Review

Tooth filling Google Review ~ Virginia D.

I started to come to Gentle Dentistry 3 weeks ago and I have loved my experience so far. I have had 3 fillings done and one cleaning and the staff is very kind and helpful. I was surprised how easy my fillings where done and pain free because the dentist and her staff took extra precautions to make sure I was comfortable. I am looking forward to continuing to work with them for any of my dental needs. I definitely recommend this place for anyone wanting a friendly and professional dental experience.

Tooth colored fillings are strong as well as attractive

Most often, tooth colored fillings are considered for their aesthetic appeal. Dentists, on the other hand, find great structural benefit to composite resin fillings. Using this metal-free alternative, Dr. Luu is able to repair cavities in teeth without having to remove a large amount of healthy tooth material in the process. This is because composite resin fillings are bonded to the tooth for a snug, secure fit. The bonding process, combined with the natural characteristics of composite resin, facilitate a long lasting restoration.

In addition to the superior bonding process, composite fillings are also more structurally sound within the tooth itself. This material, unlike amalgam, expands and contracts at a rate very close to that of natural enamel, thus eliminating the risk of tooth fracture due to variations of the filling.

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