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There are situations in a patient’s life when they may be faced with the consideration of undergoing a root canal. Root canal therapy often brings forth fear in patients, when it is actually a simple, painless procedure when done correctly. It is typically the pain and discomfort of the infection or abscess that results in the need for root canal therapy that is dreaded, more so than the procedure itself.

Root canal therapy is often done when the dental pulp of a tooth has been affected. This can happen due to infection, an abscess, or a deep crack or cavity that reaches the nerves of the tooth and can cause pain for the patient. In many instances, the best course of action is to perform a root canal. This allows the patient to have the nerves and blood supply that is causing the pain removed from the tooth, while still keeping the natural tooth in place and avoiding expensive restorations and repair.

Actual Patient Review

Root Canal Review from Google ~ Rachel K.

If I can give 10 stars I would! I have had root canals before and each one was just an awful experience – 2 to 3 hour procedures and would feel the on and off pain of the drilling. This place is amazing!!! Words cannot express how happy I was to get my root canal treated here – 45 minute root canal and did not feel a thing!!! I definitely recommend this dentist.

Root Canal Therapy Azusa CA

The process of a root canal is quite simple. The patient is locally anesthetized, and then Dr. Luu is able to drill a hole into the innermost portion of the tooth. This area is where the dental pulp resides, and is the part of the tooth that needs to be accessed to perform root canal therapy. Using very small, precise instruments, Dr. Luu then removes the dental pulp. The dental pulp houses the life-giving parts of a tooth: the tissues, the blood supply, and the nerves. Once removed, Dr. Luu will fill the tooth, and then bond a dental crown over the top. This is done to protect the tooth, as it will become weak and brittle after having the dental pulp removed. A dental crown is made of porcelain, and is fabricated to match the patient’s existing teeth to blend seamlessly into their dental arch.

Dr. Luu understands that patients of all ages who’s fearful of undergoing a root canal, and ensures them that the procedure itself will help to reduce the pain. Educating patients about the procedure is one of the steps Dr. Luu takes during the initial consultation and examination to help her patients better understand what happens during the treatment.

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