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A dental bridge is a cosmetic restoration that is often made of strong, beautiful porcelain. Although a dental bridge will include two dental crowns, this restoration is different in that it is designed to restore full function and aesthetic appeal by filling the gap left by the loss of a natural tooth. A dental bridge can be used as an alternative to dental implants or removable partial dentures .

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Dental bridges can replace a single lost tooth, or a few lost teeth in between two healthy teeth. The teeth that sit on each side of the gap serve as anchors, supplying the stability needed for functional chewing. Made from high quality porcelain material, dental bridges are easy to care for, requiring only a little extra attention for flossing beneath it.

Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge takes two visits with Dr. Luu in our comfortable dental office. The first appointment is dedicated to assessing the teeth and gums, and preparing the anchor teeth for their new dental crowns. We will then take impressions, which will be sent to our state-of-the-art dental lab where the bridge will be created. The second appointment is devoted to fitting, after which you can expect your smile to be beautifully restored.

Actual Patient Review

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I have been to many dentists over the past 50 years and had lots of procedures but my experience with Dr. Luu and her team was the best I have ever had in my life. I felt cared about from the moment I called to make an appointment to the end of my procedures and every step along the way. The office is pristine, easy to access and relaxing. Even though I needed comprehensive work done on three teeth, the fact that they use state-of the art equipment and techniques allow Dr. Luu and her brilliant assistant to work efficiently together like a well-oiled machine and they got me in and out quickly, smoothly and without pain.

Crowns and bridges are commonly used in both general and cosmetic dentistry to address dental concerns and improve the appearance of a patient’s smile. By making these restorations with materials such as porcelain, patients can feel at ease knowing that they are not only strong, but also look as natural as possible. The look of dental porcelain matches the opacity and appearance of natural teeth, making them the best material to fabricate false teeth and protective restorations. The color and appearance of the crowns and bridges can be made to match the teeth surrounding the restoration for a seamless look.

Dr. Luu of Gentle Care Dentistry of San Gabriel Valley offers dental crowns and bridges for both new and existing patients who need these types of restorations. Call today for your consultation appointment and learn more about the benefits of these restorations.

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