Get a noticeably whiter smile, safely, with teeth whitening treatment at our dental office in Azusa, CA

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Get a noticeably whiter smile, safely, with teeth whitening treatment at our dental office in Azusa, CA

Get a Noticeably Whiter Smile, Safely, with Teeth Whitening Treatment at Our Dental Office in Azusa, CA Area

Patients with excellent oral hygiene who take great care to minimize “staining” foods and drinks, such as coffee and tea, can develop yellow or discolored teeth. Fortunately, Dr. Brianne Luu of Gentle Care Dentistry offers professional dental teeth whitening treatment in Azusa, CA, to restore the youthful, healthy brilliance of your smile. 

Office whitening 

We recognize that each patient is unique. There are options to lift stains, regardless of your budget, lifestyle, personal preferences, goals, and other considerations (such as the risk of tooth sensitivity). 

After consulting with you and assuring your teeth and gums are healthy, Dr. Luu may move forward with whitening your teeth at the office. The product we use requires a two step process.  

Step 1:  At home whitening

We at Gentle Care Dentistry design the trays from a mold or impression of your teeth. We’ll direct you on how to prepare the trays or fill them with the whitening gel. Once you put the trays in your mouth, the gel is delivered to the teeth. Follow the directions provided by Dr. Luu on how to care for the trays and when to wear them. When worn each day as directed, you will see the beautiful results immediately and dramatically!

The food and colored liquids you consume gradually will darken your teeth over time.  In this case, you can easily wear the at home whitening trays to whiten your teeth again.  Very easy and convenient.

Step 2: In office whitening

In office whitening after the two weeks take home.  First, your gums and surrounding tissues are isolated from potential irritation caused by the whitening gel. This step also helps to isolate your teeth. So, the results are even and look natural. The gel is applied to your teeth, and the process of whitening may be accelerated with a light-based device. This process helps to stabilize your whitened teeth.

Schedule your appointment today by calling us at +1 626-466-9596. Your new smile awaits at Gentle Care Dentistry. Professional products are formulated with clinically-proven and safe ingredients. So, they really make a difference in the appearance of your smile without hurting your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues. 

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