Protecting Your Investment: Maintaining Your Smile after Teeth Whitening

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Protecting Your Investment: Maintaining Your Smile after Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening has become popular at Gentle Care Dentistry in Azusa, California, for those seeking a dazzling smile. This smile enhancement procedure by Dr. Brianne Luu holds the power to boost your smile and your confidence. Teeth whitening eliminates stubborn stains to reveal a bright smile to help you take on the world with confidence.

Teeth Whitening Care in Azusa CA area

While professional teeth whitening results won’t last a lifetime, maintenance is vital to ensure your smile stands the test of time.

Maintaining whitened teeth

Are you troubled with unsightly tooth stains in your smile? Professional teeth whitening provides a ray of hope to revitalize your smile. We provide teeth whitening services in our office that effectively remove tooth stains and enhance the brightness of teeth.

Maintaining your bright smile is a commitment that pays off with years of feeling confident. Here are key things to help preserve your whitened smile.

  • Consistent oral hygiene: Diligent brushing and flossing are the cornerstone of post-whitening care. Optimal oral hygiene prevents the buildup of staining and unsightly plaque and tartar to keep your teeth healthy and shiny.
  • Hydration: Keeping your mouth hydrated prevents mouth dryness that attracts gum disease. Furthermore, rinsing your mouth with water washes away food debris and other particles that can stain your teeth.
  • Be careful with stain-causing drinks and foods: After the teeth whitening session, wait for about 24 hours until you consume coffee, chocolate, wine, and other tooth-staining offenders. During this timeframe, your teeth are vulnerable to absorbing tooth stains. After the initial period, consuming these substances is permissible, but exercise caution. Consider using a straw to reduce direct contact with your teeth when drinking liquids. Moreover, rinse your mouth immediately after consuming coffee, wine, tea, and other stain-causing foods.
  • Bi-annual dental check-ups: Book an appointment with our dentist every six months for professional cleanings. Teeth cleanings eliminate surface stains and unattractive dental calculus for a dazzling smile.
  • Avoid smoking: Smoking contains nicotine and tar that result in yellow-looking teeth. Avoid all tobacco products to maintain a white smile and optimal oral health.
  • Get touch-ups when needed: Your smile may require a professional touch-up every 6-12 months, which can vary depending on the patient. Take-home trays offer an effective solution to rejuvenate your smile whenever necessary.

Professional teeth whitening at Gentle Care Dentistry is a reliable choice for durable, luminous results. With our clinically proven whitening methods, rest assured you’ll get results that radiate long-lasting confidence. To get started, please call +1 626-466-9596.

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