Patients in Rosemead CA can benefit from clear braces

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Patients in Rosemead CA can benefit from clear braces

Patients in Rosemead CA can benefit from clear braces

A popular orthodontic treatment here at Gentle Care Dentistry is clear braces which are also called clear aligner trays. Our patients are very interested in this treatment because they are able to correct their orthodontic issues without having to contend with the restrictions and other issues associated with metal braces.

Clear aligner trays vs. metal braces

Clear aligner trays can treat many of the same orthodontic issues as metal braces without many of the restrictions and other inconveniences that are associated with metal braces. Some examples include:

  • Comfort –Metal braces use brackets and wires to straighten teeth. These can cut and abrade the soft tissue in your mouth. Clear braces rely on a series of clear trays that gradually move your teeth in to proper alignment. The plastic they are fabricated from is smooth, and it does not damage the inside of your cheeks, tongue, lips, etc.
  • Hygiene –Patients who have metal braces must carefully clean around the brackets and wires because they can trap food particles and make the removal of plaque difficult. When teeth are not properly cleaned, they are prone to cavities and patients are susceptible to gum disease. Clear aligner trays are removed while patients eat, drink (anything other than water), and care for their teeth. This makes oral hygiene simple.
  • Food restrictions –Patients who wear metal braces have to contend with food restrictions, they cannot eat anything that is hard or sticky, as these foods can damage the brackets and wires. The clear aligner trays are removed prior to eating so patients do not have any food restrictions.
  • Aesthetics –Metal braces are highly visible while clear aligner trays are virtually invisible so friends, coworkers, and even family members will be unaware of your orthodontic treatment unless you tell them.

Rosemead CA residents, if you have wanted to straighten your teeth, but the thought of wearing metal braces for two years has been holding you back, call Gentle Care Dentistry today at +1 626-466-9596 and schedule your appointment for a free consultation. Clear aligner trays are not appropriate for all orthodontic issues. Once Dr. Luu has examined you, she will recommend what is best for your individual needs.

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