Pediatric Dentistry Sets Your Child’s Oral Health Journey Off Right!

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Pediatric Dentistry Sets Your Child’s Oral Health Journey Off Right!

AGentle Care Dentistry, Azusa, California, Dr. Brianne Luu loves all patients, but she has a particular focus on children. As a mother of three, Dr. Luu understands parents’ challenges in ensuring their little ones receive the best possible dental care. That’s why our office is dedicated to offering child-friendly dental services within a warm and friendly environment. 

Pediatric Dentistry Sets Your Child's Oral Health Journey Off Right in Azusa CA Area

We understand dental visits can be daunting for children, so we have created an atmosphere that resembles a comforting home environment. We aim to make your child feel at ease from the moment they enter our office until they leave.

Our child-friendly services

Preventing oral diseases through dental exams and cleanings is what we do best at Gentle Care Dentistry. We never want to imagine your child battling painful oral conditions. We offer gentle preventive dental care services to ward off oral problems before they advance and become hard to treat. Where preventive dentistry falls short, we offer restorative dental care, including fillings and extractions to restore your child’s dental health. 

We also provide tailored education to help you understand how thumb sucking, pacifiers, poor dietary choices, and inadequate oral hygiene affect your child’s oral health. 

Adults may find oral hygiene simple, but children must learn everything from scratch. An experienced pediatric dentist understands how a child’s mind develops and how to communicate dental care ideas in a manner children understand. Dr. Luu and the team have mastered the art of delivering easily digestible dental care information to your child.

Importance of pediatric dental care

Babies develop milk teeth, which eventually fall out, so you may ask: “Why take care of temporary teeth in the first place?” The health of milk teeth affects how permanent teeth erupt later on. Preserving healthy milk teeth means permanent teeth don’t erupt too soon, as this can cause premature dental problems. 

Following are some other benefits of children’s dentistry:

  • Forming healthy habits early on: Establishing good oral habits by brushing and flossing at an early age pays dividends later in life. Your child develops healthy habits vital to preserving oral health, even when permanent teeth erupt
  • Preventing oral problems: Like you, your child is at risk of cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and other dental issues. Good oral hygiene eliminates harmful bacteria for a healthy mouth
  • Developing confidence for dental visits: Children who become familiar with dental visits at a tender age are less likely to develop dental anxiety later in life. Pediatric visits eliminate negative thoughts about dental appointments — this positivity lingers even in adulthood

We invite you to bring your child to our office and witness the exceptional care and attention we provide in a child-friendly setting. Please call +1 626-466-9596 to book an appointment with Dr. Luu and her friendly team.

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