Why are dental veneers sometimes the best solution for imperfections in the smile for Glendora, CA area patients?

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Why are dental veneers sometimes the best solution for imperfections in the smile for Glendora, CA area patients?

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Dr. Brianne Luu of Glendora, CA is the primary dentist at Gentle Care Dentistry and understands that many patients want to address imperfections of the smile. She knows what it is like for patients who do not have attractive teeth, and when patients come to her with complaints regarding the aesthetics of their smiles, she has a wide range of cosmetic solutions that can be performed to ensure the best possible smile! For some patients who are dealing with problems, dental veneers may be the treatment option of choice.

Dental veneers, also known to patients as porcelain veneers, are ceramic restorations that patients can use to bond over the front of a tooth with a noticeable imperfection to change the entire look of the smile. Some patients will need one veneer while others may use several veneers in the dental arch for dramatic results. The number of veneers necessary will be determined with the assistance of Dr. Brianne Luu.

Most patients are appropriate candidates for dental veneers. Preparation does require that a small portion of enamel be removed, but this can be done quickly in our dental office before impressions are taken and used for the design and completion of the final facings. Patients return to the dental office for the bonding of the veneers onto the front of their teeth for a more beautiful smile!

At Gentle Care Dentistry, we also offer alternative such as composite resin bonding. However, this material does not last as long as veneers, and may need to be replaced more often because it is likely to stain. Porcelain veneers are known for lasting many years, sometimes a decade or longer, with proper care and are strong and durable over the years.

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