What Dr. Brianne Luu’s Children’s Dental Office in Azusa, California offers for you and your family

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What Dr. Brianne Luu’s Children’s Dental Office in Azusa, California offers for you and your family

Gentle Care Dentistry provides many services for kids in Azusa, California, through their children’s dental office. Dr. Brianne Luu accepts children starting from the young age of 6 months to provide the needed care.  Early dental visits help to raise and familiarize  children about the importance of dental hygiene.

What Children's Dental Office Offers You at Gentle Care Dentistry In Azusa CA Area

What steps does our team take to improve the care of teeth in kids?

Dr. Luu strives to offer a gentle, caring environment for the children who visit her dental office. She has had years of experience assisting patients of all ages. She introduces habits for children to increase their dental health knowledge by teaching them how to floss and brush their teeth properly. During routine visits, Dr. Luu determines if her young patients have problems in their teeth and gums that could be a concern in the future. If issues are detected, the parents will be informed and options will be given.    

What can my child expect from visiting Dr. Brianne Luu’s office?

Kids with appointments at her dental office can expect these services:

  • Digital radiographs. When children visit the office for the first time, Dr. Brianne Luu wants to thoroughly examine them for cavities and disease signs. This may include taking digital radiographs.  If we are unable to take digital radiographs, then we have the technology to scan the patients teeth.  This new technology is equipped with ability to detect cavities between teeth.
  • Cleaning. Every child gets a dental cleaning when they visit for their six-month appointment with our team. Cleaning the teeth removes plaque, tartar, and calculus.
  • Physical examination. Certain conditions, such as cavities, can be seen by our dentist without the need for diagnostic imaging. When these conditions are found, treatments should be done to protect the health of the smile.
  • Oral health education. Children are not always thorough or attentive when brushing or flossing their teeth. With information from our team, children can learn how to properly brush, when to floss, and the importance of visiting their dentist every six months.

Are you interested in contacting Dr. Brianne Luu?

Brianne Luu happily accepts new patients to help them deal with their dental issues from her location in Azusa, California. Call Gentle Care Dentistry at +1 626-466-9596 to book an appointment at her office at 232 N. Azusa Avenue.

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