An Azusa, CA dentist, explains the benefits of porcelain crowns for weakened teeth

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An Azusa, CA dentist, explains the benefits of porcelain crowns for weakened teeth

Restorative dentistry is a field of dental work that focuses on repairing the smile when problems arise. That includes restorations such as dental crowns. Dental crowns are porcelain “caps” that an Azusa, California area dentist will fabricate to cover a natural tooth. These caps are perfect for adding an extra layer of protection over teeth that have been damaged by injury or cavities.

An Azusa, CA Area Dentist, Explains the Benefits of Porcelain Crowns for Weakened Teeth

What is a dental crown?

To understand the dental crown, you first must understand the structure of a natural tooth. The outer shell is known as the enamel of the tooth. Within the tooth, this enamel protects a mass of tissues known as the dental pulp. The dental pulp is where the nerves and blood supply of a natural tooth exist. Deep cavities or infections too close to the nerves in the dental pulp can cause toothaches. That is when the dentist may remove the dental pulp during root canal therapy and then cover the tooth with a dental crown. Because removing the dental pulp will cause the tooth to become brittle and more susceptible to further damage, and the crown will act as a layer of protection. Patients with large cavities might also have a dental crown made to bond over the tooth if the filling potentially weakens the tooth’s structure.

How are dental crowns made and placed?

  • Preparation: Dr. Brianne Luu prepares a portion of the natural tooth; Dr. Luu’s office has the newest technology that scans the prepared tooth, which gets digitally sent to the lab to be fabricated;
  • Fabrication: the lab fabricates the crown based on Dr. Luu’s instructions such as the color, size, and shape, or any special instructions based on specific needs; 
  • Temporary crown: Dr. Brianne Luu places a tooth-colored temporary crown to protect the tooth during the fabrication wait time;
  • Placement: Once the final restoration is complete, the patient returns to the practice to remove the temporary crown, and Dr. Luu bonds the final restoration in place.

Are you in need of a dental crown?

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