Orthodontic treatment available to children, teenagers, and adults in Azusa area

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Orthodontic treatment available to children, teenagers, and adults in Azusa area

Orthodontic treatment available to children, teenagers, and adults in Azusa area

A crooked, misaligned bite can be more of a problem than just an aesthetic concern. Misaligned bites can cause wear on the natural teeth and can result in reduced chewing and biting efficiency. Patients with misaligned smiles may experience overcrowding and low self-esteem due to the malocclusion of the natural teeth. There are several reasons patients may consider orthodontic treatment, and the team of Gentle Care Dentistry offers several methods of realigning the smile for patients in the Azusa area.

Traditional Orthodontics

Metal bracket and wire braces can help in cases where misalignment is mild to severe. Brackets are glued to the teeth and wires are strung between them to reposition the teeth. Over time, patients will notice gradual changes in the alignment of their teeth and bite and can enjoy long-term results.

Clear Aligner Therapy

Using plastic aligners, patients can address mild to moderate misalignment without the need for unsightly metal brackets and wires. This type of orthodontic treatment can help provide patients with a way to readjust their teeth in a discreet manner. Aligner therapy uses high quality, clear plastic trays that are worn day and night to provide gentle movement to the teeth.

In some instances, Dr. Brianne Luu may also suggest early intervention treatment with specialized appliances for children who are still developing their smile to prevent the need for extensive orthodontic treatment in the future.

Dr. Brianne Luu and her team of Gentle Care Dentistry can assist new and existing patients in learning more about the many methods of orthodontics available today. Whether patients choose traditional orthodontics or clear aligner therapy, they can improve their smiles in an affordable and effective manner with our team of dental professionals.

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