Enjoy mercury safe dental services with a Dentist in Azusa, California

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Enjoy mercury safe dental services with a Dentist in Azusa, California

Healthy smiles are an important part of the work at Gentle Care Dentistry provided by Dr. Brianne Luu of Azusa, California. Mercury is used in many dental practices but has been found to be a poisonous substance. In turn, Dr. Brianne Luu does not use any mercury substance in her procedures. If you currently struggle with a possible mercury filling or other metal restoration you would like replaced, Dr. Brianne Luu provides mercury-safe services. She can repair the damage caused by these fillings and replace them with composite resin or porcelain alternatives.

Mercury Safe Dental Services at Gentle Care Dentistry in Azusa CA Area

What safety precautions are provided in the removal of mercury?

Dr. Luu’s goal is to provide a safe experience for patients. To provide mercury safe removal of silver amalgam fillings, many safety precautions are taken. Some of the steps that are followed during the removal of silver amalgam fillings may include the following.

  • Patients are provided with alternative oxygen through a comfortable, fitted mask over the nose. This eliminates inhaling mercury toxins.
  • Rubber dams are used to isolate the tooth/teeth to be worked on. This isolation helps to expose mercury particles from affecting other parts of the oral cavity.
  • Suction of high speed is run constantly around the tooth to remove any particles of mercury that may be released during treatment.
  • Instead of removing a filling via drilling, they are removed in larger pieces, reducing the chances of mercury vapor escaping.
  • High-powered filtration has been installed in the treatment room to filter the air. It also removes mercury vapor potentially released during treatment.

What are the other options for treatment, not including mercury?

Dr. Brianne Luu and her team provide many treatments to replace what mercury would likely be used for. The alternatives that Gentle Care Dentistry provides positively impact your dental health and include composite fillings, white fillings, crowns, veneers, onays, inlays, and more. If you are interested in any of these treatments, Dr. Brianne Luu can help you choose the best choice for your needs.

Want to visit Dr. Brianne Luu’s office?

Visiting Dr. Luu’s office is easy, just make a phone call at +1 626-466-9596 to the team at Gentle Care Dentistry and book an appointment. Appointments are in Azusa, California, at 232 N. Azusa Avenue. Call now and schedule a visit, and you will not be disappointed with the results that Dr. Brianne Luu and her team have to offer.

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