Selecting a Glendora area Dentist for your child

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Selecting a Glendora area Dentist for your child

Your little one means everything to you. Children depend on you to keep their little world safe and happy. Of course you want to choose just the right dentist to get them started on lifetimes of healthy smiles.

Selecting a Glendora area Dentist for your child

Frankly, most practicing dentists have great technical skills – the rigorous educational background and clinical training required for licensing eliminates students who do not. However, finding a combination of personality traits, comforting office environment, and a healthcare philosophy that works for your family may seem impossible. It isn’t. It just takes a little consideration.

Effective children’s dentistry requires some understanding of child psychology, and a sense of humor. Dr. Brianne Luu and the Gentle Care Dentistry team genuinely like kids. As parents ourselves, we understand your concerns and needs. We maintain a warm atmosphere with open communication that isn’t intimidating to you or your child.

While our teams’ restorative dentistry skills are among the best available, we prefer to help you keep your child’s smile from needing dental work. We do that by coaching parents on tooth-healthy nutrition for children and good dental care habits at home. We use some fun methods to teach kids how to brush and floss correctly. We patiently answer their questions and take time to explain how a healthy mouth benefits their growth and social acceptance.

We keep our methods and skills up to date through continuing education and a commitment to providing biological dentistry. That means we use materials and techniques that respect the relationship of your child’s mouth to his whole body wellness. It also means that we will not place fillings containing mercury, and we utilize the safest protocols possible when treating a tooth with a mercury filling or removing a silver-colored restoration.

As your child grows, he is bound to play hard. Sports and playground activities are great for building healthy bodies. But sometimes they result in dental emergencies – a broken or dislodged tooth, or an abscess that flares up suddenly. We understand that available emergency dentistry is vital to a parent’s peace of mind. You may reach us by telephone for calming advice, and we block out time in our daily scheduling to be sure we can see emergency patients same day.

Your child’s oral health and wellness are our top priorities when you step through the door of Gentle Care Dentistry. Call today to schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Luu.


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