An Azusa, CA dentist offers gentle, professional teeth whitening

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An Azusa, CA dentist offers gentle, professional teeth whitening

An Azusa, CA Area Dentist Offers Gentle, Professional Teeth Whitening

The team at Gentle Care Dentistry in Azusa, California, understands how a beautiful smile can improve one’s self-confidence while giving off the best possible first impression to others. Dr. Brianne Luu is dedicated to helping individuals look and feel their best, starting with their smiles. Her facility is pleased to offer professional teeth whitening options that are only available with a dental provider.

How teeth whitening works

While the enamel on your teeth is one of the most complex surfaces in the body, it is also the most susceptible to staining due to the foods and beverages we enjoy. Tooth enamel is naturally porous, and beverages such as red wines and teas can gradually darken the teeth, causing them to look dingy or old. With teeth whitening treatments, patients can lift these deep stains out of the natural tooth enamel and enjoy a brighter, more brilliant smile. Even though there are home solutions available in the oral healthcare aisle at the local drugstore, many of these fail to provide the results patients genuinely desire. If you are searching for a dentist “near me” that offers professional alternatives, call Gentle Care Dentistry today!

What methods of teeth whitening are available with Dr. Brianne Luu?

Dr. Brianne Luu and her team are proud to offer the following teeth whitening method: 

  • Take-home whitening kit –office fabricates custom trays specific for each patient to take home. The trays are worn each night for two weeks.
  • In-office whitening – After the two weeks of at-home whitening, the patient returns to the office for a 2-hour session of in-office whitening.  

This whitening system is beneficial because patients can maintain the whiteness of their teeth from the comfort of home. Over time, food and beverage consumption discolor our teeth. Patients need to wear the custom whitening trays with the whitening gel for a few days, and their teeth will be brightened significantly. There will be no need to schedule an appointment to come in for in-office whitening!!

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Dr. Brianne Luu and her team in Azusa, California, care about their patients’ oral health and wellness. If you reside in Glendora, Covina, or West Covina, you are also welcomed to request an appointment at her practice at 232 N. Azusa Avenue to learn about the solutions available for enhancing the smile. Call +1 626-466-9596 to book a visit and find out if you are a candidate for professional whitening options.

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