Healthy smiles for a lifetime start with gentle dental care for kids

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Healthy smiles for a lifetime start with gentle dental care for kids

Being a parent to young kids can be an uphill task, but caring for their dental health shouldn’t be. Your trusted dental team at Gentle Care Dentistry in Azusa, California, is here to make your child’s oral care as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Under the leadership of Dr. Brianne Luu, you can count on our compassionate and experienced team to take care of your child’s dental health in every stage of their development.

Gentle Care for Kids Teeth in Azusa CA Area

Our child-friendly services

As a rule of thumb, your child should see a dentist when the first tooth sprouts, typically between 6 and 12 months, and certainly no later than their first birthday. Even though it’s just one or two teeth, it’s vital to see a dentist who can examine the overall development of your child’s oral health to tackle any emerging issues from the very start.

At our dental office, we strive to provide the best dental care services for your child regardless of their age. As a result, we provide the below kid-friendly services to keep your young one’s oral health at its optimal best.

  • Dental exams: Dr. Luu examines your child’s mouth to evaluate the development of their teeth and gums. We also examine the development of the jaws and look out for any symptoms of dental cavities.
  • Dental cleanings: Practicing at-home oral care is great, but you need the help of a dentist to remove stubborn plaque and tartar buildup. We recommend professional dental cleanings for kids every six months.
  • Oral health education: During dental appointments, it’s the best time to get instructions on proper oral hygiene for your child. Teaching your kid how to brush and floss properly generates lifelong benefits from a young age through to adulthood.

Introducing your young one to a dentist at a tender age makes the surroundings familiar, allowing them to establish a healthy routine from the word go. This step goes a long way in combating dental fear and anxiety that prevents many patients from accessing essential dental treatments.

Take control of your child’s oral health today!

Looking for an experienced children’s dentist in Azusa, CA? Please dial +1 626-466-9596 to book an appointment with Gentle Care Dentistry. We offer child-friendly dental services for kids of all ages.

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