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Existing clients: +1 626-498-1766
New clients : +1 626-466-9596
310 N. Citrus Ave Suite A, Azusa, CA 91702 | Directions
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I have been going to this Dentistry for years now; as I grew older and begun to make my own appointments, I began to appreciate the extra mile this place goes for me. They are very accommodating to my schedule. They call me in advance to remind me of my appointments and should the need come are willing to change that appointment last minute. Dr. Luu is one of a kind and has always been very kind towards me. She also is very personal and empathetic in a good way. She doesn't just see you as a patient to be dealt with and on to the next; she takes time to genuinely learn about you and build a relationship with you. It's not just her, but her staff as well treat me the same way. It makes the whole experience very comforting rather than a dreadful visit to the dentist. The work is always done quickly and efficiently as well without any fuss. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this Dentistry to anyone looking for quality care.

Dr. Brianne Luu helps you get a dazzling smile

Our smiles are important features, the main part of the face that determines first impressions. In our society, we place a great deal of importance on appearance, with everything from our salary to our career success to our romantic lives affected by the non-verbal messages we send. With research showing an attractive smile is a great asset to have, many people wonder about how they can improve upon this feature.

The smile can, fortunately, be made to look any number of ways. Most people can experience tremendous improvement in the smile simply by undergoing teeth whitening. Dr. Brianne Luu is a dentist in Azusa, CA who provides convenient, effective teeth whitening that gets results quickly. Our whitening program follows the original model of at-home whitening trays with professional-grade whitening solution. This model has remained one of the most popular to date, even with the development of laser whitening, in-office treatments, and commercial products.

Commercial whitening products are designed to lift surface stains, many of them through abrasion. The commercial strips often tried first tend to produce minimal effect, if any. This is because the concentration of bleaching agent must be stronger to reach stains below the surface of teeth. To get the dazzling smile that you really want takes a trip to your dentist.

Professional at-home teeth whitening uses strong but safe concentrations of peroxide to bleach stains. Through this method, we are able to not only remove stains, but achieve whitening effect that goes beyond your natural shade of white.

Whitening teeth at home, using powerful gel bleach, produces results quickly. How long teeth remain their brightest is dependent on lifestyle habits. People who smoke or drink beverages with staining agents, such as red wine or tea, may find that their teeth begin to dull faster than those who avoid such habits and beverages. Ultimately, our teeth are constantly exposed to substances that can lead to discoloration. When you undergo professional teeth whitening, the customized tray made for you by Dr. Luu can be used in subsequent touch-up treatments to keep your teeth looking their best.

Enjoy your most beautiful smile, Contact us to learn more about teeth whitening, or to schedule your appointment.

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