How Dentures Can Give you a Gorgeous Brand-New Smile

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How Dentures Can Give you a Gorgeous Brand-New Smile

At some point, many people will experience tooth loss, including those living in Azusa, California. When this happens, several options are available for you at Gentle Care Dentistry, from dental implants to dentures. 

Dentures New Smile in Azusa CA Area

An affordable hybrid option that you can explore for your new smile is removable partial dentures. 

What Are Removable Partial Dentures

When you lose your natural teeth, one option you may look into is dentures. These removable appliances can replace all of your teeth. While many people need full dentures, some individuals can opt to keep some of their natural teeth. 

There are three types of removable partial dentures:

  • Cast metal partial dentures that use clasps to attach to your remaining natural teeth
  • Plastic temporary removable partial dentures
  • Precision partial dentures that attach to crowns without visible clasps

The Benefits of Removable Partials and Dentures

There are several benefits of going with removable partial dentures. 

Replace your missing teeth.

Missing teeth have a profound effect not just on the beauty of your smile but also on how clearly you speak and the integrity of your jaw. 

Restore your natural chewing ability.

Most importantly, your nutrition will suffer if you don’t have solid teeth for proper chewing. Even if you eat without teeth, your nutrition is impacted because you can’t properly chew your food. This also affects digestion. 

Speak more clearly.

If you speak without your front teeth, you don’t speak as clearly. This can be fixed with partial dentures. 

Maintain your jaw structure.

Jaw structure is affected when you’re missing teeth. The problem is that missing teeth have an impact on the structure of your mouth, and even your face can change shape.

Smile more often. 

One problem with missing teeth is that the remaining natural teeth will begin to shift, causing you to end up with both missing teeth and a crooked smile. When you smile more often, you appear more approachable. Plus, you naturally feel happy just by the act of smiling. 

New Smile with Dentures in Gentle Care Dentistry 

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