Rosemead Dentist provides service for Tooth Removal

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Rosemead Dentist provides service for Tooth Removal

Dentist for Tooth Removal Rosemead - Rosemead patients can now visit Dr. Brianne Luu at Gentle Care Dentistry for safe and pain free tooth extractions.

As children, losing baby teeth can be an exciting event. It’s a sign that the new, adult teeth are coming in. However, as an adult, tooth loss is not a happy occasion. Unfortunately, there are times when Rosemead area patients will need to seek a dentist for tooth removal or restoration.

There are several reasons why patients may have their teeth extracted. Even though the permanent adult teeth are intended to last a lifetime, certain situations may cause reason for concern and patients may benefit from tooth removal. Patients with a crowded mouth who are about to undergo orthodontics to realign their smile may want to have one or more teeth pulled to make room for the readjustments. Teeth may be removed due to large areas of tooth decay, a failed root canal, or an infection which affects the dental pulp and may cause bacteria to spread to the rest of the body. Many adult patients also have their third molars, or wisdom teeth, extracted because of impaction or pain. These are the most common reasons Dr. Brianne Luu of Gentle Care Dental of San Gabriel Valley may assist Rosemead area patients with any tooth removal needs.

Many patients ask their dentist what they can expect with a tooth extraction. Patients are first encouraged to consult with Dr. Brianne Luu to determine if tooth removal is necessary. In some cases, including infection and large areas of decay, root canal therapy may be performed to avoid the removal of a permanent tooth. Other times, the only option is removal and restoration.

Once patients have found out that tooth removal is their primary option, they will want to schedule an appointment for the procedure to take place. Teeth that are impacted and are not outside of the gum line will need to be removed during oral surgery during which the dentist will cut into the gum to access the tooth and take it out. Teeth that are accessible are removed with forceps while patients are properly anesthetized and, if necessary, sedated.

Patients are also given aftercare instructions once they have had a tooth removed, including how to care for the socket to keep it clean, reduce bleeding, and avoid infection.

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