Cosmetic care at a Rosemead area dental office

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Cosmetic care at a Rosemead area dental office

“Cosmetic” means any treatment intended to improve your appearance. You may think of make-up, cosmetic surgery, or hair color to look your best. However, don’t forget your smile. Fresh breath and straight, white teeth play a big role in how you are perceived by others in business and social situations. You’ll feel more confident too, with a stunning smile. Dr. Brianne Luu and her aesthetic team at Gentle Care Dentistry are here to help.

Cosmetic dental care at a Rosemead area

We provide a range of cosmetic dentistry options. These are some of our most popular:

Tooth whitening – Nothing brings out the natural radiance of your smile quite like whitening. We create custom-fit trays from molds of your mouth. The trays fit comfortably and keep the professional-strength whitening gel on your teeth. You wear them for at least a half hour each day, until you reach the dazzling shade you desire, usually within two weeks. Then simply use the program periodically to keep your smile white.

Veneers – Strong, stain-resistant porcelain veneers are a terrific way to hide all kinds of dental imperfections. They disguise deep stains that don’t respond to whitening, chips and cracks in tooth enamel, wear, gaps, and minor misalignment. Dr. Luu precisely designs the color, shape, and fit of your veneers and sends the specifications to a dental laboratory where they are fabricated. Veneers are super-thin, so only a tiny amount of enamel is removed to provide a snug fit over the front surfaces of teeth.

Orthodontics – If you have serious misalignment that impacts your bite and your appearance, there’s no need to see another healthcare provider. Dr. Luu is trained in creating beautiful smiles with conventional orthodontics, too. Since straight teeth are easier to keep clean, you get double long-term cosmetic benefit from orthodontics.

Call Gentle Care Dentistry today to schedule a cosmetic consultation. Dr. Luu will create a customized plan using these and other procedures, taking into account your goals, budget, and time constraints. Because there’s no telling how far a great smile will get you.

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