Who Is a Good Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

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Who Is a Good Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

Dental implants are the most esthetically appealing and functional replacement for natural teeth. Dental implants are securely fastened in your jaw and allow you to eat and speak comfortably as you normally would. At Gentle Care Dentistry in Azusa, California, Dr. Brianne Luu treats patients who are missing one or more teeth with a virtually undetectable dental implants service that lasts a lifetime

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So, how do you know if you’re a good candidate for dental implants?

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Implant Dentistry has become a common method for replacing missing teeth. Anyone who recently had a tooth removed may be a good candidate for this cosmetic surgery. Individuals who lost their tooth less than a year ago and have enough bone in place are usually ideal candidates.

However, if your teeth have been missing for several years, you may not have enough bone left to facilitate the surgery. There are options such as bone grafts and other procedures that may help build back the lost bone structure, but you’ll need to consult your dentist to see if these procedures may help your particular situation.

If the dentist determines you are a good fit for this procedure, they’ll schedule an appointment to have an implant place in your jaw bone and allow it to heal for 4-6 months. After the healing process, you will return to have a crown put on the implant.  Once the implant and crown are in place, it’s a permanent fixture in your mouth and can function as a natural tooth.

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If you need to have a tooth removed or you’ve had your tooth removed recently, you’ll want to speak to a dentist about potentially receiving a dental implant. Call +1 626-466-9596 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Brianne Luu at Gentle Care Dentistry to get started.

Dr. Luu and her team of experts are ready to help you restore your smile and confidence with high-quality dental implants. Don’t delay getting the amazing smile you want. Now is the time to act to begin the process of determining if you’re a good candidate for a dental implant.

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