Azusa area dentist reviews the cost and expectations of dental implants

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Azusa area dentist reviews the cost and expectations of dental implants

Dentist reviews the cost and expectations of dental implants

Dr. Brianne Luu of Gentle Care Dentistry reviews with many Azusa area patients the advantages of dental implants. Dental implants are restorations made of titanium. Titanium is a strong, durable, and long-lasting metal that is biocompatible with the body. Dr. Brianne Luu believes that patients can improve their oral health, function, and appearance after tooth loss by utilizing dental implants.

Dental implants are popular for many reasons. They:

  • Last a lifetime when patients properly maintain their smile
  • Provide optimum stability and strength compared to alternatives
  • Are affordable and maintain their value over time
  • Function just like natural teeth
  • Are beautiful and blend in seamlessly with the smile
  • Do not require additional care or attention when compared to natural teeth

Dr. Brianne Luu and her team reviews with potential patients the advantages these restorations provide and can compare them to alternatives including dental bridges and dentures. All three options can be used to replace missing teeth.

Many patients ask about the cost and expectations from dental implants. They cost considerably more initially than bridges and dentures, but can last a lifetime. This makes them a desirable investment in the smile rather than a short-term cost that will need to be paid repeatedly each time the restoration breaks or needs to be replaced. Patients can expect dental implants to last for decades. This is because the restorations are implanted into the jawbone and held in place after osseointegration occurs, where the bone wraps around the implant and makes it a permanent extension of the body.

Dental implants are highly desirable and should be considered as the first step towards repair after patients experience tooth loss or extraction. Contact Dr. Brianne Luu and her team to book an appointment and ask any questions you may have about these amazing restorations. Dental implants can be planned, placed, restored, and maintained through Gentle Care Dentistry.

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