Using composite fillings in teeth with decay for patients in Rosemead, CA area

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Using composite fillings in teeth with decay for patients in Rosemead, CA area

composite fillings in teeth with decay for patients in Rosemead

When patients are not taking good care of their smiles, they are putting themselves at risk for a wide range of problems. For example, tooth decay. Tooth decay, also referred to as cavities, are areas where acid has begun to eat away at the enamel of the tooth. Some patients may experience sensitivity while eating sugary foods or may feel pain that resembles that of a toothache. This is when patients should seek quality care at a dental office such as Gentle Care Dentistry with Dr. Brianne Luu. Patients in the Rosemead, CA area who are dealing with these problems will need to speak to a professional about fillings.

Fillings have been used for many years to help repair areas of decay and seal a tooth to keep bacteria out. While many dentists over the years have decided to use silver amalgam fillings (referred to sometimes as metal fillings), these have been replaced with safer alternatives. Studies have shown that silver amalgam fillings are made of 50 percent mercury, a substance toxic to the body. Instead, many dentists such as Dr. Brianne Luu are using composite resin fillings. These are made with a material that is non-toxic and even more aesthetic as it matches the appearance of tooth enamel.

Fillings are placed during a single appointment at Gentle Care Dentistry. Patients will have x-rays completed to check the health of the tooth and ensure there are no other problems going on with the surrounding teeth. Then, anesthetics and sedation are administered as necessary, and the dentist will clean the area of decay and apply the filling to seal the tooth.

patients who have teeth that need to be treated for decay are welcome to contact the team of Gentle Care Dentistry today to book an appointment with Dr. Brianne Luu and her team of professionals to have composite resin fillings placed in their smile to stop cavities and restore the function and health of the tooth. She serves patients of all ages in her practice and encourages them to make an effort to maintain their oral health and wellness to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for life!

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