Dr. Brianne Luu and her team offer a wide variety of preventive, cosmetic, and restorative services

Azusa dentist offers gentle dental care services for the community!


Finding a dentist who can serve your entire family is tough! Whether you are new to the Azusa area, or just looking for a new dental home, we understand the frustration that can result from trying to find just the right dental provider to serve all your needs. Gentle Care Dentistry, located in Azusa, CA, has worked hard for years to give the community a place to receive ongoing dental services, from birth into the golden years in a comfortable and gentle environment. If you’re searching for a new dentist, we encourage you to call and schedule a consultation with us to find out how we can help you achieve outstanding lifetime oral health.

Some of the services we offer at Gentle Care Dentistry:

  • Children’s dentistry: We offer dental care to the youngest of children. Dr. Brianne Luu has spent years working with children and has carefully tailored an approach that works even for the most anxious of children. We work carefully to help parents get all their questions and concerns addressed and set your child on a pathway to a lifelong beautiful smile.
  • Dentures: When someone is missing some or all their teeth, it can affect emotional and physical health. At Gentle Care Dentistry, we are interested in each patient’s overall health. That’s why we offer affordable dentures.
  • Dental implants: Implants are often the perfect solution for people who are only missing a few teeth, or those who want a stable base for their dentures to rest on. We provide dental implants in-house, meaning you can stay in the environment that you are most comfortable with, instead of being referred out to a different provider.
  • Dental bonding: This is a quick, easy and affordable cosmetic dental treatment. Bonding uses a natural-looking resin to fix chipped, cracked, discolored or decaying teeth.
  • Orthodontic care: We know the hassle it can be when your child needs orthodontic care to have to begin seeing a brand-new provider. That’s why we strive to help address your child’s specific orthodontic issues. We also offer adult-friendly alternatives like Six Month Smiles and Invisalign.
  • Smilling teeth
  • Veneers: These porcelain wafer-thin shells are used to cover almost any problem with a smile. Chips, cracks, discolored teeth, and minor alignment issues can all be covered using veneers.
  • Mercury safe dentistry: Dr. Luu believes in helping each patient live a full and healthy life in addition to having a beautiful smile. Because of this, she is trained in how to provide her patients not just with mercury free alternatives to traditional dental materials, but also how to safely remove existing mercury-laden amalgam fillings.
  • Root canal therapy: Sometimes, the best way to save your natural tooth is through endodontic treatment (root canal). This can be your perfect solution for an infected tooth.
  • Gentle gum disease treatment: Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Dr. Luu knows that the treatment for gum disease is often intimidating for many patients. Her gentle touch and our calming office amenities are here to help you feel at ease while we perform gentle and quick gum disease treatment.
  • Routine dental care: It’s very important even if your mouth is in fine health to see a dentist regularly on a twice annual basis for a cleaning and check-up. This helps keep your teeth and gums in top shape and saves you time and money down the road from costly and time intensive treatments.
  • Emergency dentistry: We offer patients same day appointments for dental emergencies, whether it is a broken tooth or a severe toothache. Even after hours, we keep an on-call dentist for a personalized answering service to help you set your mind at ease and determine the correct course of treatment.
  • Sedation dentistry: Sometimes, we know that patients have dental anxiety or full-blown dental phobia. That’s why we provide each patient with the correct course of treatment to help them receive the oral care they deserve. Because of this, we offer patients an opportunity to utilize our nitrous oxide services to help them relax.
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What sets Gentle Care Dentistry apart:

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  • Our dentist: Dr. Luu has been practicing her gentle dental skills since 2001. She has not just a degree in dentistry, but also an Executive Master of Public Health degree. She committed herself long ago to helping each member of the community get the care they deserve by providing services that are tailored to help even the most anxious patient receive care.
  • Our team: We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer care. We have dedicated our careers to helping empower patients through education, whether it’s on the intricacies of dental insurance or the way to best care for their smiles, we’re here to help you!
  • Our financing options: Not only did Dr. Luu want to help patients with anxiety receive dental care that they needed, she wanted to help everyone receive excellent care. Because of that, she’s chosen to accept most major insurance policies, CareCredit (which is a financing option that is easy and fast to apply for), as well as our own in-house financing option. We believe these things help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.
  • Our special offers: We continuously strive to bring our patients ways to make their dental care even more affordable with special offers, from new patient specials to specials on implants, and orthodontic care discounts. We believe in helping our patients afford the care they need and deserve!
If you’ve been feeling the frustration of the search for a new dental home, we are here to help you. Call today for your individualized consultation to find out the ways that Dr. Luu can serve you. 626-466-9596.