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Can people in San Gabriel find an affordable dentist?


Affordable Dntal Treatments From San Gabriel Gentle Care Dentistry
Affordable and quality dental care is available in the San Gabriel area with the right dentist. The team at Gentle Care Dentistry provides preventative and restorative dentistry to help ensure healthy mouths and bodies for their patients. While gum disease and cavities are common concerns, it’s important to note that the health of a patient’s mouth is directly linked to overall wellness.

Dr. Brianne Luu places emphasis on preventing dental issues. Often patients will cancel their twice-yearly checkups to save money. While this may decrease costs in the short-term, it can be quite expensive overall. Many dental issues, such as gum disease and tooth decay can be prevented or minimized with regular dental visits. These visits give the dentist a chance to discover potential problems before they are costly and invasive to treat, and provide the patient with a professional cleaning by a trained hygienist. Even with the best brushing and flossing habits, there are some areas of the teeth that are impossible to reach without professional instruments.

At Gentle Care Dentistry, Dr. Luu understands that your budget can play a role in choosing treatments. She takes the time to explain each procedure and discuss whether it needs to happen immediately or if it can be delayed for several months. Dr. Luu and her team also spend time talking about the pros and cons of each treatment and working with dental insurance companies to determine which services might be covered.

The Gentle Care Dentistry team is pleased to offer a variety of services from regular checkups and fillings to implants, Invisalign, and the treatment of gum disease. If you live in the San Gabriel area, we urge you to schedule an appointment now. Don’t wait until you have a toothache, get started on your path to a healthy mouth today.

Patient Reviews

5.0 80 Google Reviews
I recommend this Dentist if you are This is by far the best dental care experience i have ever had. From the front desk to the doctor herself......very professional and humane and they didn't charge an arm and a leg too......Great dental outfit!!!
5.0 80 Google Reviews
They say the perfect dentist doesn’t exist; they’ve never been to Gentle Care Dentistry. Dr. Luu is the best dental practitioner around. Scared of the dentist? Dr. Luu is so good you won’t even know she’s started, she once extracted my molar in two minutes flat. Want comprehensive care? Dr. Luu doesn’t just cover up cavities as they appear, she looks at the whole picture and takes proactive steps to ensure that your teeth are going to be healthy for years to come. In addition to just being the best at what she does, Dr. Luu is constantly improving. She always has a new gadget to improve my experience at her office and my overall health; she attends conferences and stays on top of advancements in her field. All in all, I can brag about Dr. Luu all day, but it comes down to this: if your teeth are important to you but you’re afraid of the dentist, stop looking and come to Gentle Care Dentistry where you will be cared for like you’re one of Dr. Luu’s kids.
Zoila B. - 5 Star Review
5.0 80 Google Reviews
Coming to the Dentist is not fun for me, I have been coming to Dr Luu and let me tell you she is amazing. She treats you like family and her staff are super friendly. It is always a good experience when I come to her.❤️❤️
5.0 80 Google Reviews
After many different visits to many different doctors, and a raging fear of the dentist that was so bad we could barely get out of the car - this place is heaven. The staff is gentle, calm, funny, and willing to work with whatever fears you have. True professionals. Whether a dentist has hurt you in the past, it's been 10 years, or you can't stand the drilling - Gentle Care Dentistry will help.
They've been great about working in our budget, allowing payments, and helping keep our dental anxiety in check. I love this place.
5.0 80 Google Reviews
If I can give 10 stars I would! I have had root canals before and each one was just an awful experience - 2 to 3 hour procedures and would feel the on and off pain of the drilling. This place is amazing!!! Words cannot express how happy I was to get my root canal treated here - 45 minute root canal and did not feel a thing!!! I definitely recommend this dentist.
5.0 80 Google Reviews
I always dreaded smiling because my teeth were messed up. I never really went to the dentist. When I first came to this dentist I was nervous. After the work I got done I wanted to cry with happiness. I could smile again. She is not only caring and sweet but she takes her time. She did an amazing job and I'm so glad I chose this dentist.
5.0 80 Google Reviews
I decided to come to this dentistry because Dr. Luu specializes in safe amalgam removals. She and her staff are very professional and kind. I never wait long and the doctors procedures is very unique, she uses a anesthetic wand that is painless and not frightening like the big painful needle you typically get when getting anesthesia in your mouth. Dr. Luu and her staff always make sure I’m comfortable and I’m happy with the service I’ve been receiving. I would recommend them to my friends and family.
Eduardo R. - 5 Star Review
5.0 80 Google Reviews
Dr. Luu and her staff are absolutely awesome!!! Very professional and make the visits fun. I am new to the area and am very pleased to say that my family and I found a new family dentist for us. Thank you Dr. Luu and to your staff for all your help.
5.0 80 Google Reviews
Let me start off by saying they have the nicest staff and customer service of any dentistry I’ve come across. I chipped my tooth around 10pm and so I called them wanting to set up an appointment. Even though they were closed at the time by almost 4 hours they still managed to pick up the phone. Because it was an urgent repair they managed to fit me in after hours the NEXT DAY. When I went into the office they were just as nice in person as they were on the phone. They took my X-rays and fixed my tooth all in the same day for a reasonably inexpensive price. Making sure my tooth was as perfect as I wanted it to be the whole process was quick and painless. Thank you Gentle Care for making me feel comfortable.
Joe H. - 5 Star Review
5.0 80 Google Reviews
I have WHITE teeth again...finally, thanks to Dr. Luu and her great staff recommending CORE Whitening system to me! After needing a new Dentist for some major work on my teeth, I chose Gentle Care Dentistry and have been nothing but pleased since; definitely smiling now!
De. Luu, Joanna and Ruth are fantastic and caring and always make me feel comfortable and despite the major work done, I am fine and don’t feel any pain or discomfort afterwards.
I would highly recommend Gentle Care Dentistry and Dr. Luu to anyone looking for the best dentist possible and take advantage of the CORE Whitening system too!

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Dr. Luu welcomes patients of all ages into her dental practice.Dr. Luu has the knowledge and experience to provide for you and your family the care you need to enjoy long-term smiles that are healthy and beautiful.

Dr. Luu welcomes patients of all ages into her dental practice.

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