Common Signs To Look For If You Are An Adult With Intact Wisdom Teeth That Can Indicate Removal Is Necessary

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Common Signs To Look For If You Are An Adult With Intact Wisdom Teeth That Can Indicate Removal Is Necessary

The majority of adults do not have wisdom teeth. For one reason or another, many adults have these back molars removed during their teenage years, often before they are able to erupt from the gums. If you are an adult who still has their wisdom teeth, there may still come a time when you need them to be removed due to pain, infection, and other reasons. If you are in the Azusa, California area and believe you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, please reach out to Dr. Brianne Luu and the team at Gentle Care Dentistry. Dr. Luu can perform the majority of these extractions herself at her office without the need for referral. Here are a couple of common situations where adults need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

What You Need A Adult Wisdom Teeth Removal Near Me Azusa, CA

Chronic Pain

When an adult never had their wisdom teeth removed, the teeth can often be asymptomatic for years and then suddenly start to cause pain. This pain can be the result of several things. As your wisdom teeth develop, they can suddenly exert pressure on certain nerves. This can lead to pain that ranges from moderately uncomfortable to severe pain. Cavities on teeth near wisdom teeth can also cause pain. When pain occurs as a result of remaining wisdom teeth, the only path to relief may be to have them removed. You will want to consult with your dentist via an examination to learn if the chronic pain you are experiencing is caused by your wisdom teeth. If they are, your dentist may perform the removal (if this is something they offer) or refer to an oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal.


When you do not have your wisdom teeth removed, they often will still not erupt through the gum completely. Partial eruption from the gum can result in the formation of a pocket along the gum line near the teeth. These pockets are magnets for food particles, bacteria, and plaque that are hard to remove through routine brushing or flossing. Because you cannot properly clean this area, infections can develop in these pockets and spread out to adjacent teeth and gum tissue. These infections can be quite severe and even enter your bloodstream, leading to further health complications.To get more information about adult wisdom teeth removal, please visit Gentle Care Dentistry. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Brianne Luu, please call +1 626-466-9596 today.

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