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310 N. Citrus Ave Suite A, Azusa, CA 91702 | Directions
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I have been going to this Dentistry for years now; as I grew older and begun to make my own appointments, I began to appreciate the extra mile this place goes for me. They are very accommodating to my schedule. They call me in advance to remind me of my appointments and should the need come are willing to change that appointment last minute. Dr. Luu is one of a kind and has always been very kind towards me. She also is very personal and empathetic in a good way. She doesn't just see you as a patient to be dealt with and on to the next; she takes time to genuinely learn about you and build a relationship with you. It's not just her, but her staff as well treat me the same way. It makes the whole experience very comforting rather than a dreadful visit to the dentist. The work is always done quickly and efficiently as well without any fuss. Overall, I'd definitely recommend this Dentistry to anyone looking for quality care.

In the 91702, Dr. Luu is your Dentist for Mercury Safe Treatment

Like most things in life, new and improved versions of traditional treatments are consistently being developed. In the case of dental fillings, the debate over which materials are most suitable has been ongoing. For more than a century, dental amalgam has been thought of as a cost-effective, successful filling material. In recent years, however, the mercury content in amalgam fillings, which equals about half, has been brought into question.

Dental amalgam is a combination of copper, tin, and silver, bound together by mercury, a natural element that has toxic properties. In response to concern over this material, Dr. Luu has chosen to provide the highest possible standard of care, which is free of mercury. Going further, our office follows the strict protocol of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology for the safe removal of amalgam fillings. This protocol limits the excessive exposure that can take place when removing this material from teeth, both to patients and to our staff.

Composite, a healthier alternative

Composite dental fillings have been used for many years. This material initially gained popularity for its attractiveness. We live in a time when appearance is important, and dark spots in the smile diminish the beauty of one’s smile. Today, there is a whole new reason to love composite fillings: the absence of mercury. This tooth colored material contains no metal, making it a safer alternative to dental amalgam and its mercury content. If you live in the 91702, Dr. Luu is your dentist for mercury-free dental work that elevates the smile and guards the health.

Composite fillings are superior to amalgam for reasons aside from attractiveness and safety, although these are primary benefits. Although amalgam is touted as being a long-lasting, durable material for tooth repair, many people who have had amalgam fillings for many years find they have a whole new set of dental problems to worry about – tooth fractures.

Amalgam, with its metal components, has a higher rate of expansion and contraction than natural enamel. When we consume foods of various temperatures, our teeth respond as does filling material. In the case of amalgam, this perpetual stretching and constricting often leads to fractures in teeth. When small, these cracks can be difficult to detect, allowing room for bacteria to reside under the filling, leading to tooth damage.

Composite fillings, on the other hand, are very similar to natural enamel. Bonded into place to repair structure, composite fillings have been proven stronger and more durable than amalgam, expanding and contracting in a similar fashion to enamel.

Dr. Luu and our staff are committed to helping you enjoy your healthiest smile. Contact us for your visit today.

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